Theodore John Charles Hantke

T.J.C. Hantke

Theodore John Charles Hantke born in Silesia Prussia in 1833, as Theodore Johan Carl, came to South Australia in 1853, where he became involved in many facets of the pastoral industry. He had been around in the north for many years before coming to Sliding Rock. As early as 1867 he was employed at the Beltana pastoral station as bookkeeper. Later he worked at Umberatana, where his first child was born after his marriage in 1872, Bolla Bollana, Blinman, and on the Strzelecki Track.

While at Sliding Rock he became a J.P., and acquired a storekeeper's licence, mining shares and land. Early in 1879 Theodore advertised in the local newspaper as Auctioneer, Valuator, General Commission Agent and Accountant. He 'begged to inform the inhabitants of Blinman, Beltana and all the Northern Country, that he intended to hold monthly sales that year at both Beltana and Blinman. He also promised prompt settlements of all business entrusted to him'.

At the same time, his son Victor Hantke was in the process of building extensive cellars and a warehouse at Beltana to receive, store and foreward all kind of goods or wool for settlers or hawkers. Unfortunately for Theodore, his business adventure did not turn out to be very profitable as he was declared insolvent later that year. This must have been a temporary setback only, for in 1882 he became one of the directors of the Beltana Prospecting Company. In 1884 he worked in Adelaide, where he had joined the firm of H.L. Vosz, as a director. While living in Unley he not only became a Councillor for that Ward, but also a prominent member of the Free Masons, and a Deputy Grand Master. Hantke died 8 November 1912, aged seventy-seven and was buried at the North Road Cemetery


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