Brachina South Australian History


Felstead & Omsby, Practical
Printers, Gilbert Place,

The Proposed State of Brachina, part of South Australia.

"With Beltana for its Political Capital and Port Augusta for its Industrial and Commercial Enterprises it should make steady, definite and progressive headway."

During the early 1920s The Great Northern League was formed with its Head office at Mungerannie on the Birdsville Track.

As a result of much dissatisfaction with far away government in Adelaide, several northerners formed the Great Northern League. In its advertising material of 1923 it stated that "When the variety of conditions and the climate and the extent of Australia are taken into consideration, it is evident that subdivision of the big States into compact, homogeneous areas is the essential preliminary to a successful settlement..... the man on the spot......especially in tropical and central Australia is alone able to deal successfully with the problem of settlement, and to plan its progress and development...."

It went on to say that 'The Pastoral, Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial enterprises that this section of the country is manifestly able to establish will get opportunities to develop along sound economic lines. It will get better Transport. Roads instead of tracks. Telegraphs and Telephones. Bridges instead of Bog. Medical facilities. Railways instead of Camels. Bores. Water conservation. Dams and Irrigation. And a sympathetic administration who understand its requirements and who will ACT'.

In an attempt to unite the Citizens of the Far North it told them 'This League is for you. It is a live, virile organization. It will help you to get things you cannot get yourself. It obtains improvements and has privileges you will participate in. It operates for your welfare. It has a strong belief in the potentiality and the future of this part of the Commonwealth. The progress of the League is your progress. It will help you to succeed. It has a positive conviction in the success of a new State. It wants your active cooperation'. All information obtainable from the Secretary, Head Office, Mungerannie, Via Marree.

This was not an isolated case of seeking independence. As early as 1863 Edward Henty proposed a seperate state called Princeland with Mount Gambier as its capital. During the 1930s Robert Bedford promoted the idea of Eyre Peninsula becoming a separate state.


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