Angas Valley, South Australia

Angas Valley

This small settlement, of mainly German farmers, never developed into a real town. It had very few facilities but in 1885 a Lutheran church was build. The first service was conducted by Pastor Hofner. Two years later a cemetery was established. During the 1895 General Synod, held at Hahndorf a resolution was passed, 85 to 5, that Pastor Hofner could no longer be regarded as a Pastor because of his persistant antagonism with the Synod over Hermannsburg and its union with the State Church.

Among some of the early settlers were Johann Schroeder and his wife Caroline from Springton, Semmler, Elliker from One Tree Hill, Noll, Arnold, Giersch from Palmer, Muller from Milendella, Wiebrecht, Stengert, Krutz, Payne, Egel, Bottroff and Rochow.

Below are some of the headstones of the Angas Valley Cemetery. In an attempt to save as much space as possible and increase the speed of downloading, only part of the stone is displayed. Flinders Ranges Research has a full photograph of each of these.


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