Adelaide, Capital of South Australia.


Adelaide Map

Did You Know that.....

Adelaide was named after Adelheid Amalie Luise Theresa Carolin
of Saxe-Meiningen, wife of King William IV.

Prinzessin Adelheid Amalie Luise Therese Carolin was born in the castle of Meiningen, Germany, in 1792. In July 1818 she married the heir to the British throne, and she changed the spelling of her name from Adelheid to Adelaide. In 1830 William was crowned King William IV of Great Britain, and Adelaide was crowned Queen of Great Britain and Hanover.


If the wishes of the Colonisation Commissioners had been followed it would have been called Wellington, after the Duke of Wellington who had helped to push the South Australian Colonisation Bill of 1834 through the House of Lords.


As early as 1837 tenders were called for the building of Adelaide Gaol.

The first Chamber of Commerce in Australia was established in Adelaide in 1839.

The Municipality of Adelaide was incorporated in 1840. The first in Australia.

Adelaide was referred to as the City of Churches, but that it had twice as many pubs as churches.

Mint. It was opened in 1852.

The foundation stone for the Town Hall was laid on Monday 4 May 1863 by the then Governor of South Australia, Sir Dominic Daly. It was opened on 20 June 1866.

The ship The City of Adelaide made more than twenty trips between England and South Australia.

The first public transport in Australia was started in Adelaide in 1878.

The first driver's licence in Australia was issued in Adelaide in 1906.

Adelaide is the only major world city completely surrounded by parklands. They cover an area of 691 hectares.

Believe it or not, it is true.

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